Bits & Pieces

It has been brought to our attention the need for a Christian education program for our newer members as well as some of our older ones. A program to answer questions such as, what it means to be a Lutheran? Who was Martin Luther? What was the Reformation? Why do we celebrate it on that Sunday? What does that symbol stand for? Surely there are many questions one might have when joining us for worship the first time. This page on our web site will be dedicated to answering some of those questions. Check back here from time to time to find answers to questions from yourself or other members. We will continue to add to this page and over time we will compile a great deal of information to share with all of our members.

Luther's Large Catechism
Luther's Rose
Luther's Small Catechism
Luther's 95 Theses
Daily Devotional, Easter 2006
Daily Devotional, Lent 2007