Membership Covenant


Having been saved by God's grace through faith in Christ, I feel led by the Holy Spirit to help Zion become a healthy congregation by honoring the covenant God made with me in Holy Baptism. This means that I will live among God's faithful people; hear the Word and share in holy communion; proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed; serve all people, following the example of our Lord Jesus; strive for justice and peace in all the earth.

[Lutheran Book of Worship, Affirmation of Baptism, page 201]


1. I will support the unity of our church
by acting with friendliness and love toward other members
by refusing to gossip, or in other ways to sow seeds of division
by respecting one another as fellow members of the Body of Christ
by turning God's grace to me into my forgiveness of others
by encouraging one another with kind words

2. I will support the sense of community in our church
by praying for its good health and growth
by attending our community-building events
by inviting friends and neighbors to attend
by warmly welcoming those who join us
by including others who volunteer their help

3. I will support the ministries of our church
by discovering my gifts and talents
by being equipped to serve in ministry
by developing a servant's mind, heart, and attitude
by volunteering to serve when needed, or called
by valuing inclusion and learning to delegate

4. I will support the strengthening of our church
by attending worship, individually and as a family
by growing in faithfulness, individually and as a family
by growing in spiritual maturity
by giving regularly and proportionally
by offering my assistance to church leadership