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pastor hal robarge
Pastor Hal Robarge

Reserved: A Message from Pastor Hal



My Very Best to My Dear Friends in Christ
and the disciples and missionaries of Zion,
Thank You!
First and Foremost I want to thank you for supporting your
Council at the Congregational Meeting by approving the 2018
budget. This was maybe a bigger step than most years. This is
really the first congregation-driven budget. In the past, the
pastor set the priorities and the Budget Committee structured
the budget. This year Council had a wide ranging discussion about budget priorities and the each Elder had
the chance to tweak the numbers in her area. There were some lively discussions in the Council Meeting.
We took the time to see how dollars work in our organization. This is all a part of the community taking
care of itself. These are jobs that the lay ministry should be doing and once again are. I also want to thank
the Council for stepping up to the plate in a very big way. In the past most of the Elder positions entailed
very little effort. That is changing. People generally leave the meeting with "homework".
Craft Show - The Youth Craft Show was very successful. They raised more than $2000.00 for the Youth
Fund. That can be used to fund various service opportunities.
Questions and Answers
I did want to answer Carol Rossbach's question about spending this year attributed to the Worship and Music
Committee. Here are the big-ticket items: Lamp on the organ (So that Jack could read music), the Seder
Meal we celebrated during lent, Bulletin Covers and the "Christ in Our Home" devotional guides. Just
those four items came to about $2000. I think the difference between the budget and actual number is
really a question of which account to charge the expenses to. So the Lamp expense would not have been
part of the operating budget and I expect that the Bulletin covers used to be tracked as an office expense
rather than Worship and Music. With a new treasurer, there are bound to be some bucket swapping. Beth
had the answers to what funds had been spent by the time I got home last night. So you can be assured that
there is complete documentation and transparency in the way we handle funds. I appreciate Carol's question
and miss her attention to detail in Council Meetings.
Picture Directory is finally happening! Friday November 10th and Saturday November 11th
When we started to think about a picture directory as a way to help a new pastor learn who we are, I heard
a lot of pushback because: 1) folks felt pressured to buy more pictures and 2) the photographers got behind
schedule posing people in more ways so they could sell more pictures. So we are doing this a different
way. My son Tom, (Yes that is the one with the drum at the Lessons and Carols Advent Service) will take
the pictures. He will do one or two quick family shots and be finished. Sign up in Luther Hall to lock in
the time you want. Folks who don't sign up will get called and we can book you a slot. Another friend
will do all of the desktop publishing to put together the directory; so we will have camera ready artwork
to provide a printer soon after the new year.
There will be no cost to members. We want everyone to come and be a part of this project. As a bonus
you will receive a digital copy of your pictures by the end of November. I know a lot of folks like to
give pictures for Christmas gifts.
God's Work – Our Hands - At the Congregational Meeting I talked
about "Mission Momentum", finding ways to serve our community.
Miriam and Susan conducted a brainstorming session to begin to think
about Activities and Service Projects.
To continue that conversation, last night I set up a new email address for
you to send ideas: ZionMissionIdeas@gmail.com. We need you to open
our eyes to the projects you think we can tackle. The idea is to become a force in the neighborhood; to truly be God's Hands in our community
God bless and love you abundantly,

 Pastor Hal