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I am starting with the October 26th Sermon - What's in a Name? because it introduces the relevance of our name as Zion "Evangelical" Lutheran Church.
I hope that you will find these sermons inspirational
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October 2003
October 26th What's in a Name?

November 2003
November 2nd Saint or Sinner?
November 9th Can You Afford 'Free'?
November 16th Offering Thanks for the Gifts God Gives as Stewards (not Owners)
November 23rd Out of This World!
November 30th Thank You, Lord!

December 2003
December 7th Santa, John, and Jesus
December 14th Two Birds and a Barn
December 21st The Miracle of Faith
December 24th The Birth Of Christ
December 28th When Politics Serves Evil

Funeral Sermon Archive