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pastor mark sherwindt
January 2009
January 4th The Gospel: Not a Fraud, But the Truth
January 18th Beautiful Beginnings, Challenges Ahead
January 25th Celebrating Life as the Body of Christ

February 2009
February 1st Some Rules for “The Big Game” of Life
February 8th I Will Raise You Up On Eagle’s Wings
February 15th Thinking about Love on Valentine’s Day
February 22nd Religious Experience and Faith in God
February 25th From Ashes to Ashes, and Dust to Dust

March 2009
March 1st Growing into Personal Change for Lent
March 15th A Lutheran Look at Law and Gospel
March 22nd God’s Grace and Our Good Works
March 29th Moses and Jeremiah to Jesus and Us

April 2009
April 12th Christ Is Risen and Alive Among Us
April 19th Peace and Love: More than a Slogan
April 26th The Truth of Tragedy and God’s Love

May 2009
May 3rd The Very First Rule of Theology
May 10th Mother’s Day Reflections on Love
May 17th The First Rule of Theology, Again
May 24th God’s Love and the Body of Christ
May 31st It Takes a Village to Baptize a Baby?

June 2009
June 7th Understanding the Truth of the Trinity
June 14th Faith in the Miracle of God’s Growth
June 21st Worrying Less and Trusting More
June 28th Trusting God Moment by Moment

July 2009
July 5th Taking A Walk Down Memory Lane
July 12th A Date for the Pastor and Marilyn
July 19th Celebrating Vacation Bible School
July 26th Christians, Closets, Power Politics

August 2009
August 2nd Sometimes It’s Better Not Knowing
August 9th Jesus, Plato, and Mrs. Mabel Snyder
August 23rd 2009 ELCA Churchwide Assembly
August 30th Law and Gospel: One More Time

September 2009
September 6th Law and Gospel: James and Paul
September 13th A Day for Remembering 9-11
September 20th Children as Crucial for the Church
September 27th Inclusion and the Kingdom of God

October 2009
October 4th Beautiful Blankets, Difficult Texts
October 11th True Life and the Family of God
October 18th God, Suffering, and Christ’s Cross
October 25th The Paradox of Christian Freedom

November 2009
November 1st God’s Saints Celebrating True Life
November 8th Models of Generosity in the Church
November 15th New Life through Baptism at Zion
November 22nd 195 Years of Faithfulness at Zion
November 29th Thanksgiving: Become What We Eat

December 2009
December 6th Living God’s Love in the Real World
December 13th Trusting God’s Promise of True Life
December 20th Hopes in History for Real Justice
December 24th Straight Talk on Christmas Eve
December27th You Can See a Lot Just by Looking