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January 2008
January 6th Being Surprised by God's Presence
January 13th Charged with Being a Christian
January 20st Walking the Talk of Jesus' Vision
January 27th Walking the Long Road Back Home

February 2008
February 3th Seeing Nothing Except Jesus Only
February 6th Overdressed for a Lenten Journey
February 10th Too Savvy to Save God's People
February 17th Abraham's Call and Our Mission
February 24th The Stories of Barabbas and Jesus

March 2008
March 2th The Story of the Man Born Blind
March 9th Raising Lazarus from the Dead
March 16th The Passion Narrative from Matthew
March 20th The Ragman, by Walter Wangerin, Jr.
March 23th God Is With Us, Now and Always.

April 2008
April 6th More Miracles for Steve Dague
April 6thSE Politics and the Kingdom of Heaven, 1
April 13th Politics and the Kingdom of Heaven, 2
April 20th Politics and the Kingdom of Heaven, 3
April 27th Politics, Salvation and the Kingdom, 4

May 2008
May 4th Celebrating the Rite of Confirmation
May 11th Celebrating Mothers and the Church

June 2008
June 1st A Farewell Celebration for Suzanne
June 15th Going Home to "Big Sky" Country
June 22th Community is the Key for St. Paul
June 29th Helping New Orleans Heal - Part 3

July 2008
July 6th Helping New Orleans Heal - Again!
July 20rd Leaving Room for God's Miracles
July 27th Miracles in God's Big Backyard!

August 2008
August 3th Riding the Wave to Life in Christ
August 10th Faith Focuses on Grace, Not Works
August 17th Inclusion vs. Language that Divides
August 24th Living Stones Built on the Rock
August 31th It Would Be a Wonderful World

September 2008
September 7th Celebrating Baptism on Rally Day
September 14th The Holy Cross and God's Love
September 21th Justice, Fairness and Forgiveness

October 2008
October 5th Wine and Politics from the Pulpit
October 12th Grieving: A South African Solution
October 19st Cutting through the Clutter in Life
October 26th God's Truth: An Inclusive Victory

November 2008
November 2th Called to Community in Christ
November 9th Celebrating Women in the Church
November 16th God's Grace, Not Our Profits
November 23th Well Done, Faithful Servants
November 30th What Really Matters For Christmas

December 2008
December 7th Are We Looking for a Candy Man?
December 14th Are We Focused on Our Mission?
December 21th Can We Find God's Presence?
December 24th Incarnation and Meaning in Life
December 28st James Bond and Meaning in Life
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